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👨‍🎓 Hey! Welcome to your free ChatGPT script writing prompt sequence!

By following the prompts provided in this document, you will be able to easily generate useful and engaging video scripts with the help of ChatGPT.

Simply copy and paste the prompts into the model and enter your own text as indicated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment under the video where you found this document. Happy script writing!

Opening Prompt

Start by establishing rules. Copy & paste this opening prompt. Feel free to edit the rules as you see fit.

The Opening Prompt

We're writing a script for a video.

These are our writing guidelines:

1. Use good storytelling techniques
2. Use retention tactics such as engagement points and story loops
3. Use personable and conversational language — it shouldn&aspos;t feel too uptight and stiff, do not fearmonger
4. Reference the language, feel, style and storytelling techniques as well as the general feel of the STYLE REFERENCES
5. Do not narrate the video or any actions, just present the information. This is very a very imporant rule. Always follow it.

Now I will give you the reference for the STYLE REFERENCES. The only thing from the STYLE REFERENCES we need to reference is the storytelling techniques, retention tactics and personable language to tell a compelling story. All other plot related information is irrelevant for us.

Confirm if you're ready to receive the context for STYLE REFERENCES.

Giving ChatGPT Style References

This is where you paste your reference scripts — either your old videos or what you… borrowed from another video. Make sure you paste the reference script “between quotation marks”. The current example primes the chat for two style references, this is where you change it to how many ever you have.

First Style Reference

There are two pieces of reference text for STYLE REFERENCES.

This is the first one. Please confirm receipt.


If you have two script style references, this is how you give it the second one.

Second Style Reference

This is the second piece of reference text for STYLE REFERENCES. Please confirm receipt.


Optional Review Request

Not a must-have step, but I like to review and make sure everything is correct.

Optional Review Prompt 1

Before I provide additional information, let's review our writing guidelines. Please list them out.

You can also confirm with ChatGPT if context is understood or double affirm that the repeated guidelines were correct.

Context Affirmation

Yes, that is correct.

Optional Review Prompt 2

Do you have enough information to execute on guideline number 4?

Prime Your Chat For Writing

Additional Clarifiation Prompt

Remember, we're writing a script. Don't tell the viewer about our tactics or what we're doing. This is redundant and should not be pointed out. Let's just present the viewer with the relevant information for them.

Please confirm if you understand, and are ready to receive further context.

Give general information to source facts from

Now we'll give the chat the information we want it to use when writing our script.

Providing Content Input

This is the general information of the topic you can source our script from:


No need to reply with anything specific, just confirm that you understand.

The very last checks

It's like they say, measure 23 times and cut once. So now is the time to change any of the guidelines you might want to change.

Get List of Guidelines

Before we start writing our script, please list all the guidelines for our script we've discussed so far.

If you didn't make anything any changes, then just confirm that everything is correct.


That is correct. Remember this moving forward.

Start writing the script

Let's start with getting the hook. It's just how I like to do it but you can change the order here a bit. The ### are there because that's a markup language thing and it will help with formatting. You'll see.

Getting The Hook

Now let's use all the context we have and write a strong ### hook prioritising good storytelling and our STYLE REFERENCES.

After the hook I usually get the intro. I do these first because often when I ask for an outline, chat will neglect these vital steps.

Getting The Intro

Now let's write the ### introduction to follow this hook.

Getting The Outline

List the ### main points of our script.

From here on you can just keep writing by asking ChatGPT to wirte out the points of your outline, one at a time.

Writing The Script

Now let's write the ### "<PASTE A HEADING FROM THE OUTLINE>"

Extra prompts

Sometimes the text is too long and the sentence gets cut off. In this case just ask it to "continue" or it that doesn't work then be more specific.

Continuing Writing


Writing Shorts

Now write a script for a highly engaging straight to the point short-format video. This video should be 45 seconds.

Getting More Shorts

This is gre"

Storytelling Techniques

For better storytelling, let's withhold the information about "<WHAT YOU WANT TO WITHOLD>" till later. Instead let's build curiosity by hinting at it.

Removing Narration

Let's not talk about ourselves, and don't reference that information. Just use the facts from that specific reference.

Making Script More Engaging

This is the script so far — without changing the information or shortening it, just improve its storytelling and make it more engaging.

Adding More Context

Let use the facts and ideas from the following information and just add it to our current script where they fit and make sense.

When you have your final script, enter it into the chat. This will help with the writing styles and context for future scripts.

Providing More Samples

This is great, this is the final version of our script. Just confirm if you understand the statement and that you have this information.
The script:

Removing Repetition

Can you find unnecessary repetition of information in the script?

Following Up Removing Repetition

Can you please remove these repetitions?

If the text is too formal

Make this more personable and spoken