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Did you know that 8 out of 10 business under utilise YouTube? Hey we get it. Growing your audience is hard if you're trying to do it yourself. Let our team of YouTube veterans grow your YouTube for you, while you focus on what you're good at.

Miriam Gubovicova

Miriam Gubovicova

Podcast Producer at Kwik Brain

1.5M+ Subscribers

"Conturata transformed our brand with high-quality podcasts. A game-changer for our content strategy!"

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Miriam Gubovicova

Forget Struggling - We Make YouTube Success Simple

YouTube presents a massive opportunity to grow your business and brand. But creating videos that attract viewers and drives traffic isn't as simple as just talking to the camera.

YouTube Opportunity

That's where we come in.

Our team of video marketing pros handles everything you need to start dominating YouTube, from scripting to recording to post production to even the angle where to put your camera.

Avoid Mistakes

Our team with 12+ years of video production experience will oversee every detail that makes people watch your content.

What Can YouTube Do For Your Business

On average, it takes 8 touchpoints over weeks to turn a cold lead into a sizzling hot prospect. But with a well-built YouTube strategy, they can fall into your rabbithole and watch 8 videos during their lunch break.

Businesses looking to generate leads with YouTube

Turn cold website visitors into warm leads using YouTube videos that engage audiences and drive conversions. Our videos help you attract and capture new prospects on autopilot.

Step 1 of our process - We take raw video

Personal brands ready to grow their following

Expand your reach and boost engagement with a tailored YouTube video plan designed to showcase your brand to the right audiences. Our team helps build your tribe.

Step 2 of our process - We structure it for views

Podcasts expanding into video

Go beyond audio with custom YouTube videos to draw in wider audiences and subscribers. We make it easy to repurpose podcast content into engaging video clips.

Step 2 of our process - We structure it for views

Teams needing a video content engine

Let us become your in-house video team, managing the entire YouTube video process for consistent results. Our proven system relieves your workload so you can focus on your strengths.

Step 3 of our process - We animate it

Let Our Experts
Andri Peetso - CEO & Creative Director
Kaur Kirikall - CCO & Digital Strategist
Kristo Veertee - Head of Post-Production & Editor
Sven Sosnitski - Lead Sound Designer & Editor
Urszula Taraszka - Animator & Designer
Unlock Your Channel's Potential.

YouTube Video Production

From start to finish, we handle every step of creating high-quality YouTube videos tailored to your brand and goals. Our services include:

  • YouTube content roadmap
  • Topic research & content planning
  • Scriptwriting
  • Editing & post-production
  • Basic animation
  • Thumbnails & channel branding
  • Technical setup consulting
  • Audience Analysis

Video Podcast Production

We make video podcasting simple by managing the entire process for you. Our podcast production services include:

  • Editing & publishing
  • Titles & thumbnails
  • Shownotes & social posts
  • Transcripts
  • SEO articles from episodes
  • Technical consulting
  • Competitive Content Review
  • Audience Analysis

This is how we'll start:


Initial Consultation

Discuss your goals, audience, and outcomes so we can optimize videos for your business.


Create Content Plan

Conduct a YouTube audit to establish benchmarks, develop an optimized content plan.


Video Production

Handle pre-production tasks, shoot professional footage, and expertly edit videos.


Distribution and Promotion

Upload videos, amplify reach through best practices like playlists and end screens.


Performance Analysis and Ongoing Growth

Refining plans, continual production and management grows your channel.


So whether you're starting from scratch or have an existing audience, our experts will help maximize your impact and growth on YouTube.

Plans That Fit Your Goals

YouTube Production

Forget amateurish DIY videos. Our production packages create professional, polished videos that establish your expertise. Let us handle the entire video process so you can focus on running your business.



  • 4 video per month
  • 6 Shorts per month



  • 8 videos per month
  • 13 Shorts per month



  • 12 videos per month
  • 20 Shorts per month

Video Podcast Production

Our experts handle every step of launching and growing your podcast - end-to-end. This frees you up to focus purely on creating engaging content.

Lift Off


  • 2 episodes per month
  • 1 highlight clip per episode
  • 2 Shorts per episode



  • 4 episodes per month
  • 2 highlight clips per episode
  • 3 Shorts per episode

Maximize Your Impact

Ask for pricing

Go beyond the core to maximize your impact. Our specialists offer customized add-ons like animations, ads, and more to amplify your reach and results. Let us leverage our full expertise to take your videos and podcast even further.

  • Advanced Animation
  • Full Script Writing
  • Monthly Guidance Calls
  • Audience Research & Ideation
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Remote Producing
  • Extra SEO & Social Content
Portrait of Andri Peetso

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